Runyon Custom Bari Sax Mouthpiece with Factory Original 14 Opening!

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Product ID: RunyonCustom14RedBariAug2021


HELP, I Want One!

Big Opening, Tight Intonation
This is a very cool translucent red Runyon Custom mouthpiece for baritone saxophone with a stamped 14 tip opening! These are nice step up pieces and are great for use in jazz band. This one in particular is in very good condition and does not have any major wear or cracks. The tip opening on this pieces measures .124”.
These pieces feature a medium inner chamber with a drop back baffle. It has an easy response with the right amount of positive resistance. These pieces do lean a little more on the bright side of the color spectrum, but without becoming thin or obnoxious. This particular mouthpiece, despite a large tip opening, locks right into each note with little flexibility of pitch. It would excel at being used for section work. 
No ligature or mouthpiece cap are included.