Players Special! Vintage Buescher 400 Original Lacquer Tenor Sax Serial #363498 – Fresh Re-Pad

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Product ID: 363498Buesch400Ten


HELP, I Want One!

Buescher 400 – Fully Overhauled and Ready to Play
This is the perfect item if you are after a powerful giging horn. Vintage Buescher 400 tenor saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 363498. These tenors pack quite the punch. This saxophone is extremely free blowing and produces an ultra robust sound.  If you are looking for something with an ample amount of power and projection to cut about a loud band the Buescher 400 is an ideal choice. These saxophones do feature the Top Hat and Cane style inside bell keys as well as a very large bow and bell diameter. 
This Buescher is the most recent project horn from Saxquest tech Josh Creekmore. Josh took his time with this one and did it up right. It now features all new corks and felts as well as a brand new set of Valentino premium pads. The job was done with the preservation of the original snap resonators on all of the keys except the palm keys as well as low C &Eb. Those keys were fitted with the appropriate seamless metal domed resonators. Like any good playing vintage tenor there is some history of past body repair and solder work. The repair was done professionally by Josh and is extremely precise.  The neck for this saxophone also shows history of being repaired in the past. As its sits it is in perfect working order. 
This sax is a great choice if you are looking to get the fat American vintage sound under the 2,000 price point. Ships in perfect playing condition with wood box case.