P Mauriat Le Bravo Baritone Saxophone - Low A to High F#, Serial #PM1150819

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Product ID: PM1150819LeBravoBari


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Le Bravo Baritone - Demo Pricing
This is an outstanding, mint condition P Mauriat Le Bravo 200 series bari sax, serial number PM1150819. This bari is less than a year old; it has been used as a demo in our store and for some online video demonstrations. It has never been sold or seen serious play time. 
The Le Bravo is marketed (and priced) at an intermediate level, but don't let that fool you. This horn holds its own with some of the best pro level bari saxes on the market today. It plays with a big beefy bottom end, and lots of power from low A up into the palm keys. Going along with its great sound and presence, it has looks too, with a matte finish body, silver plated highlights, and a silver plated neck.
This bari is in exquisite shape, with no dents or dings, no previous repairs. It honestly has not been played very much, but has been a display on our sales floor for a little while. I looked over the sax very closely and found a few small scratches (picture 17 ) but that is about it. It will get a fresh adjustment from our repair shop before shipping, where we'll check all pads for sealing, adjust spring tensions and key heights throughout, and replace all of the factory material with better synthetic stuff. If you are looking to pick up a screaming deal on a solid bari, the pricing doesn't get any sweeter than this. Ships in its original hard case, which shows minor shelf wear. Also includes original accessories pack.