Otto Link Super Tone Master 6 Early Babbitt Vintage for Alto Saxophone, Re-faced .085”

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Product ID: OlinkStmUSAEB6Alt422


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Otto Link E.B. Super Tone Master
This is a Otto Link USA Super Tone Master for alto saxophone from the Early Babbitt period. It as originally stamped a 6 but was refaced to an 8 at some point in the past. The outer body of the piece is in nice physical condition. Its black bite plate is also in good shape. It does show the typical light scratching of past use but nothing serious. The profile of the mouthpiece of the table tip and rails is in good condition. This piece features a medium chamber with rounded inner side walls leading into a subtle rolled baffle area. 
This piece plays with a crystal clear sound and a medium warm color. The character of the piece does have the focused intensity and positive resistance these pieces are known for. This one measures on the bigger side compared to where we usually see these pieces at .085”.