Original Lacquer Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Bari Sax - Serial # 137256

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Product ID: 137256MarkVIBari


HELP, I Want One!

Full Restoration from the Saxquest Repair Shop

Freshly restored Selmer Mark VI bari sax in original lacquer, serial number 137256. This horn was just repadded in our shop, and is priced to move. If you've been on the hunt for a quality low Bb Mark VI, this bari is worth a look.


Like most vintage horns, this horn has seen its share of dings and dimples throughout its life. This sax dates to 1966, and does show signs of past dent work in the bottom bow and upper crook area. There are a handful of resolders, mostly on the lower body keyguards as is so common. Overall though, the horn is really solid. The tube is straight and it does have its original neck. The original lacquer shows moderate wear but still has a lot of coverage. The horn was repadded using Valentino Pro firm leather pads and seamless metal resonators.


To properly restore a vintage bari sax is not a cheap endeavor, but we didn't cut any corner and did this one up right. We cleaned up the past dent work, straightened all rods and key mechanisms, properly aligned everything top to bottom. It has all new pads and material, and the action feels crisp and “new” under your fingers. Sonically, this bari plays with a beefy bottom end, and it stays fat as you climb the octave up into the palm keys. If you don't need a low A, this is an incredible option. I myself prefer the low Bb horns because of the increased resonance and lighter weight, and this horn hits on all cylinders.