Original Lacquer King Super 20 Alto Sax with Pearl Side Keys - Serial # 305177

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Our Price: $ 4,995.00

Product ID: 305177Super20Alto


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All New Pads!

This is a 1950 vintage, second series King Super 20 alto sax, serial number 305177. This horn showcases full pearl inlay on nearly all of the key touches, and sunburst engraving on the low B/Bb key cups. It is in original lacquer and in fantastic condition, having recently been completely repadded.


As you can see in the photos, the original lacquer on this alto shows excellent coverage for its age. There's some evidence of past dent work in the bottom bow area, but I don't see any other previous repairs on the body. The sterling silver neck is original to the horn, with the matching serial number. It features the double socket receiver and underslung octave key. The octave key has a previous repair, and there's one tiny ding in the neck which we will remove before shipping. These horns shipped from the factory with the neck having received a shot of lacquer to match the horn, and over time, that lacquer wears off from normal use. This neck still shows some spotty original lacquer remaining, which is rare to see.


This alto was repadded recently, using firm leather pads and brown nylon resonators. The pads are sealing great and you can whisper down to low Bb. The key heights and spring tensions aren't optimal, so the horn is going to receive a fresh adjustment from our repair shop before shipping. We'll make sure it is in perfect regulation top to bottom.


This Super 20 is definitely a power horn for players who love jazz, rock, and funk. It takes your air efficiently without a lot of resistance, and responds quickly to even subtle changes in air column or voicing. Big, edgy sound without losing its core, and it can certainly take all of the air you push through it without ever feeling like you are hitting a wall. Great lead alto kind of sax.