NICE Buffet Crampon Paris RC Series Bb Clarinet with New Pads - Serial # 464237

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Product ID: 464237BuffetRC


HELP, I Want One!

Fresh Overhaul

This is a freshly overhauled Buffet Crampon RC series R13 Bb clarinet, serial number 464237. This clarinet was just repadded in our repair shop by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny. It ships in perfect adjustment.


This RC has been well cared for in its life. It shows no previous cracks or repairs. The silver plated keywork shows no finish wear and is in superb shape. It was just repadded in our shop, using premium pads and material, and precisely regulated throughout. Audrey also replaced the aging thumbrest with a new one. The action is crisp under your fingers. This instrument comes complete with original RC 66mm barrel and original RC bell.


This clarinet with a strong focus and its poly-cylindrical bore takes your air well. Intonation is precise from top to bottom as is its wonderful articulation throughout. A great instrument for demanding professional clarinetists.