Great Price! Pro Model Yanagisawa A-901 Alto Saxophone - Serial # 00223854

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Product ID: 00223854Yani901Alto


HELP, I Want One!

Lightly used Yanagisawa professional model A-901 alto sax, serial number 00223854. This alto is a fantastic option for players looking to step up into a true professional alto without breaking the bank. It has been well cared for and will ship with a fresh pro set up from the Saxquest Repair Shop.


The original lacquer on this alto stands at a solid 97-98%, with only light typical wear of normal use. There's minor lacquer wear on the usual touch points, and otherwise just normal surface scratching here and there. No major wear to speak of. There's one shallow dent in the bottom bow which we will seamlessly remove during our set up, and no other previous damages or repairs, and that includes no resolders. The original neck has never been pulled down or damaged.


The existing pads on this alto are still in great shape and sealing well. During our set up, we'll completely disassemble and clean the horn inside and out, replace all adjustment corks and felts, and any pads that aren't up to our standards. When putting the sax back together, we'll even spring tensions throughout and optimize key heights for intonation and response. Rest assured, it will feel like a new horn when you receive it.


I always enjoy playing these Yanagisawa horns, they have such a clear, concise attack and pure tone. This one is no exception, with an even response and very quick, lively attack. Projection is solid and it has a strong focus that directs your sound down and out the bell. Fun horn to play.