Great Players Horn! Bundy Special Original Lacquer Alto Saxophone, Serial #54314

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Product ID: 54314BundySpecAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Fully Overhauled – All New Pads Ready to PLAY!
This is a fantastic sax for the gigging alto player. Vintage Couf Made Bundy Special alto saxophone, serial number 53724. 
These saxophones were manufactured by Keilwerth (Couf) and are an ideal choice if you need a high quality player at a sweet price point. These saxophones do feature rolled tone hole construction. This particular Bundy is in excellent shape. Like most road warrior horns there is a few re-solders to some of the key guard feet and a few small superficial dings around the bow area, but nothing too serious. The body tube, bell and bell flare are all in great shape as is the key work. The neck for the alto is in good shape and has been pulled down. 
This alto plays with a warm free blowing sound and response. It is definitely closely related to the way a modern Keilwerth SX90R plays. Lots of power and color in its sound. This one was recently overhauled in another shop and is ready to play. It does feature all new leather Pisoni pads with metal resonators. 
If you are looking to pick up a powerful alto for use in a multitude of musical situations a Couf Bundy is a perfect choice. Ships with vintage wood square case.