Five Digit Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Sax, Serial #87276 - High F#

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Product ID: 87276MarkVIAlt


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Mark VI Alto – High F#
This is a very sweet horn for the pro player. Selmer Paris Mark VI alto sax, serial number 87276. If you are on the hunt for a great VI this is a horn that is going to be easy to fall in love with. This Mark VI was manufactured in 1960 with the special order option of a high F# key.  The construction also includes the use of the preferred smaller bow diameter of that period. 
As a player, this Mark VI demonstrates a crisp response to air flow and a precise sonic balance across its entire range. The character of the sound is on the brighter side of the color spectrum. Clarity and projection are absolutely exceptional on this saxophone.  The sonic flexibility of this instrument makes it ideal for the professional who needs an alto for use in a variety of musical settings.
The physical body of this saxophone has a great clean look about it while showing history of being a well seasoned instrument. The body tube, bow, bell and bell flare are all in great shape. Its bow cap is also perfect and shows no history of being pushed in. At some point in the past the lacquer on this saxophone has been refinished. Its current lacquer has a rich honey tint which is nicely complemented by the engraving. The engraving is clear and well defined across the bell area. The sax shows one notable re-solder on the top foot of the bell key guard.  A previous owner of the saxophone added an additional number above the serial number.
( Picture 32&33) This saxophone does include the original neck. 
The Mark VI was last serviced in Emilio Lyons shop in 2019. Its previous owner played on it for two years before retiring it to the case for a time. The sax shows Emilio's trade mark rein stones inserted on the key guards as well as his risers on the F palm key, high E side key and the octave key touch. In order to keep the sales price at a premium Saxquest will not being doing any work to this instrument. We will put a new neck cork on the sax before shipping. 
This alto ships out playing in as is condition on Emilio Lyons 2019 overhaul with the original wood hard case shown in pictures. If you have any questions please send us a product question or a message directly to