Early '5 Digit' Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone - Serial # 59490

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Product ID: 59490MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very early vintage (1955) Selmer Mark VI alto sax, serial number 59490. This is a great find for players looking for an early “5 digit” Mark VI without spending $8000+. The sax will get a fresh overhaul from our repair shop before shipping (included in the price) and come to you in tip-top playing shape and ready to go!


This sax was relacquered by its previous owner a long time ago, but very well cared for, both before and after the work. The “newer” lacquer stands at 90-95% with only very minor finish wear on the usual touch points. There are no signs of any past trauma anywhere. No visible past dent work in the bottom bow or bell/bell flare, and no noticeable resolders. The original neck has the matching serial number, and it has never been pulled down. The horn was also not buffed hard during the refinishing, and the original “American style” engraving remains crisp and detailed on the bell. Really great looking horn top to bottom.


This sax came to us on old pads well past prime, so it is going to get the full pro job from our shop. All new Valentino Pro leather pads, matched with oversized seamless metal resonators. We'll replace any springs that aren't up to snuff, and adjustment both spring tensions and key heights back to factory specs. Once complete, the sax will feel much like the day it left the factory in 1955.


With the very old pads, the sax isn't playing great currently, but you can still get a feel for its tonal color and response. The relacquering has not affected sound/tone at all, and it retains all of the warmth and richness you want from a 5 digit. Very full sound, and I expect once the repad is complete, the response will very quick. A solid, versatile alto for players who care more about the sound than finding an original lacquer model.