Beautiful Condition Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 570669

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Product ID: 570669SelmerSIIITenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a gorgeous condition, early series Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series III tenor sax, serial number 570669. This tenor is in fantastic shape, and will get a fresh adjustment and cleaning from our repair shop before shipping.


This isn't a true “closet horn.” It's been played, but just has been extremely well cared for. The original lacquer is 99% intact, and the only wear of note is some light lacquer wear on the thumbrest and a couple touch points, and some normal scratching here and there form honest use. There's a couple very shallow dings that we'll remove during our adjustment, but no other previous repairs. That includes no resolders, and the neck has never been pulled down or damaged.


The original pads are fitted with metal resonators, and most are still in stellar shape. During our regulation, we'll replace any pads starting to show their age, and properly re-seat all the rest of the pads so that it comes to you in perfect playing shape. All key adjustment corks and felts will also be replaced.


While this sax does play with a strong core and solid focus, it isn't quite as dark as a Selmer Series II. It takes your air well and responds quickly, and intonation is superb from low Bb up into the palm keys. The altissimo range just pops effortlessly. Great tenor for classical and concert band work, but also can easily do jazz and rock when paired with the right mouthpiece. Ships in its original Selmer Vanguard wood case with leather case cover.