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Yanagisawa ELIMONA 880 Soprano Sax in Pristine Condition - Serial # 00157596

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Product ID: 00157596YaniSop


HELP, I Want One!

High F#, Detachable Straight & Curved Necks

This is a true Yanagisawa vintage “Elimona” 880 soprano saxophone, serial number 00157596. These horns are the hidden gem of the soprano world. This was the first model to offer interchangeable straight and curved necks, and also featured improved keywork from its predecessor, including better palm keys. To top it off, this saxophone is in pristine, original condition.


The photos tell the tale on this one. It looks stunning, with over 99% original lacquer remaining. The serial number dates the sax to the late 80's, but you'd never know it based on how nice it looks. There are a couple minor scratches here and there, but absolutely no dents or past repairs. It has modern keywork to high F# and feels fluid and extremely comfortable under your fingers. The straight and curved detachable necks, with underslung octave keys, offer a lot of options for players dialing in their sound.


This soprano has been well maintained over the years and pads are all in excellent shape, fitted with brown plastic resonators. It is in perfect regulation and everything is sealing up like a drum. Sonically, it plays with a sweet, warm tone, not overly dark but definitely on the warmer side of the spectrum. A very emotive and flexible instrument, great for classical players obviously, but with a big enough and strong enough sound to take to any gig. A truly great soprano. Comes in its original case.