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Wow! Vintage Conn Bass Sax in Silver Plate, 1923 Serial #100535

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HELP, I Want One!

Awesome Vintage Conn Bass
This is a very cool vintage Conn Bass sax in silver plate, serial number 100535. A Conn bass is an item we do not see as much as we would like so it is a nice treat to have one in the shop. It has been played and maintained professionally by the previous owner. It features rolled tone holes and is keyed up to high Eb. Like you would expect from any Conn the bass is extremely free blowing and has a huge sound. It take the air in quick and plays with a rich and deep full resonating sonic character. 
Like any good playing bass this instrument has some history of repair. All the repairs were done professionally and the body is in super solid condition. The upper J tupe is in good shape and has never been seriously repaired. Both the bow and bow cap are in great original condition, the bow has not been damaged in the past. The bell and bell flare are in great shape as well. The original neck is with the sax and in very nice condition.  Its low C#, Bb and side Bb tone holes have been repaired and reinforced in the past. The work was done exceptionally well. There was also a few brass plate reinforcements added near the neck strap ring and under the left hand table cluster. It looks like after these repairs were done the instrument was then silver plated on all the keys and bell flare, then satin silver on the body tube. 
Saxquest is currently in the process of giving some attention to this beast. In order to keep the cost down we are not doing our full set-up, but it will be sealing from low Bb all the way up. Because our repair shop is extremely backed up, please allow 4-6 weeks after purchase to allow us to go through this sax properly and make sure everything is right.
The Conn bass is a tremendous vintage instrument. It does take quite a bit of air but the result is a huge luxurious sound you can not achieve on any other instrument. This is in the desired vintage of bass sax's that the serious players look for. It is also a low pitch bass so it will easily tune up in modern playing situations. Ships in original Conn wood hard case!