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WOW! Florida Vintage Otto Link Double Line Super Tone Master 7 for Tenor Sax

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Product ID: M86OLinkDbline5Ten


HELP, I Want One!

Serial Number M86 – Opened to .100 by EG
This is an awesome playing Florida Otto Link “Double Line” Super Tone Master, serial number M86. It was originally a 5 but was worked on by Erik Greiffenhagen and brought open to a 7, it now measures .100” at the tip. The table, side rails and tip all look extra crisp. The rest of the mouthpiece is in very good condition as well. The finish on the mouthpiece has long been off it leaving just the raw brass. Its original black bite plate is present and in great condition also..
 It plays with a very powerful intensity with an ultra clear sound and projection. There is just a hint of roll to the baffle area below the tip rail that is most likely what gives the piece such a nice colorful sound. If you are looking for a real deal double line you will want to check out this mouthpiece.