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Vintage W.M.S. Haynes Flute SN 25709

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Product ID: 25709HaynesFluteBK


HELP, I Want One!

Outstanding Commercial Doublers Flute
This is a fantastic 1950’s vintage W.M.S. Haynes flute, serial number 25709.  The flute is a closed hole construction with a low C foot.  The professional Haynes flutes are some of the best made and easiest to play flutes you will find anywhere. This particular model of Haynes flute is referred to as the commercial model.  It plays with a sweet resonance while taking the air in with ease.  The choice of closed key holes and a C foot is absolutely ideal for the doubling wood wind specialist.
The flutes body is in outstanding condition and was very carefully looked after and maintained by the previous owner. There is no history of major dent or solder work. This flute has a nice set of pads and premium felt materials. The set-up feels great under the fingers and is currently being checked out in the Saxquest shop. It ships out in perfect playing condition with case.