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Vintage SML Gold Medal MK I Tenor Sax Original Lacquer, Serial #19288

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Product ID: 19288SMLGoldMedalTenor


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Great Players Horn – Vintage SML Gold Medal
This is a great item for some one looking for a rugged gigging horn. Vintage SML Gold Medal in original lacquer, serial number 19288. The SML tenor features rolled tone holes and a adjustable G# lever. The lever gives the player the ability to switch between articulated and non articulated G# key. This saxophone also has the original gold plated springs. The SML tenors are very popular for their free blowing core sound which is highly colorful and warm. They are especially akin  to the French core sound of vintage Selmer saxophones. 
This particular SML has seen quite a few performances in its day. It does include the original neck. The neck has some history of past repair. The body of the sax is in solid condition but has previously had  repair done on the lower body and the bell was detached from the body tube. The last shop to work on it also put a new pad job on it as well. It now features a new set of leather pads and metal resonators. Ultimately the horn will still need some additional set-up work before it is considered to be in perfect playing condition. In order to keep the cost at a premium we are not goint to sell this sax with our shop set-up. But if you are looking to get into a great vintage player and do not mind a little built in cosmetic character this one can be had at a great price.   
This saxophone does ship with contoured hard case.