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Vintage Selmer Super Balanced Action Bari Sax with Low A - Serial # 50484

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Product ID: 50484SelmerSBABari


HELP, I Want One!

A Player's SBA Bari Sax

This is a great deal on a 1952 vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action bari sax, serial number 50484. This is a cool horn, with keywork to low A, which you don't often see on an SBA, as initially it was only available as a special order from the factory. We are offering it at a low price in hopes that a good player on a budget can enjoy this sax.


This bari was relacquered a long time ago, but done very well, with the detailed floral engraving still clearly visible around the bell. The horn has its fair share of minor dings and dimples, but overall is very straight. Past repairs such as a couple resolders were done well. The neck is not original, but it is a true Selmer Paris vintage neck without serial number.


This sax came to us in a mix of newer and older pads. To keep the price down on this one, we decided not to do our full restoration. We are however going to go through the horn and make sure the pads are sealing. We'll clean it up a bit too. It won't have our full pro setup, but we'll get it gig-ready for its new owner.


This bari plays with a lot of power, and is a very fun instrument to perform on. It fills up a room for sure, and has a big, commanding presence. Definitely a warm tone, without being overly dark, and while it has a strong core, it isn't extremely focused and doesn't feel tight or restricting. This is a great horn for Selmer lovers who want the best without breaking the bank.