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Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax Un-Lacquerd, Serial #57564

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Product ID: 57564MarkVITen


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Great Five Digit Mark VI Tenor

This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 57564.

If you are looking for a great player and are not particular about looks you will love this 57 thousand Mark VI. Aside from some of the lacquer left on the keys this tenor is mostly in bare brass. The raw brass finish lets the horn breath very free and has a highly resonant organic character. In terms of sound color the tenor is a little bit brighter then one usually expects from an early five digit. It keeps a consistent core sound and is very consistent from top to bottom allowing for a lot of control and versatility.   
The tenor by no means the prettiest horn in our shop but its a great player and has it where it counts. There is a small number of re-solders to the key guard feet on the lower end of the horn but it is a little hard to tell because of the high quality of the work and the un-lacquered finish.  Some repair work also been done to the upper body tube and to the high F tone hole. The tone hole is going to be professionally repaired in our shop the right way with a brass ring. Its bell, bell flare and lower body are in great shape. The bow and bow cap are both in great shape and have never been pushed in. This sax does come with the original neck with matching serial number. The neck was pulled down in the past but has been brought back up to its true position. 
Saxquest is currently in the process of professionally setting this horn up in our shop. The set up will include a complete dissemble, cleaning, regulation of the keys and replacement of the pads in the upper stack as well as putting in all cork and felt work. If you are looking to get a great player and like the look of a well seasoned instrument this 57 thousand Mark VI.