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Vintage Selmer Paris Gold Plated Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax, Serial #50954

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Gold Plated SBA Tenor
This is a lovely gold plated vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number 50945. This particular SBA has a rich warm core sound and takes air in very easy. The gold plating on the sax seems to further enrich its already dark sonic character. As you would expect from a vintage SBA the action is very fluid under the fingers allowing for a close to effortless play regarding the key feel.
The body of the tenor is in very good condition showing a modest amount of play wear. The original finish was removed at some point in the past and then gold plated. The job was done very well the correct way with a coat of silver plate under the gold plate. You can even see some of the silver plate showing from under the gold near the thumb rest. The original floral engraving is still nicely defined across the bell. This tenor shows no history of major dent work. It is possible that there could have been some smaller re-solders done to some of the lower key guard feet but because the gold plating job is so clean it is very hard to tell what was done to the horn prior to it being gold plated. The body tube, bell, bow and bow cap are all in nice original condition.  The original neck with matching serial number stamp is also in great shape and has never been pulled down in the past. 
This tenor is currently on some black Roo pads with seamless metal resonators. The pads are in good shape and have a lot of life left in them. The sax is currently awaiting a professional set up in our shop and will soon be in perfect playing condition. If you are looking for a vintage Selmer with a special look and sound you will not want to pass up on this sax.