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Vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action Tenor Sax, Serial #23732 - Warm Player

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Product ID: 23732SelmerBATen


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Selmer Paris Balanced Action
This is am awesome player! Vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number 23732. The tenor is a serious monster player. The Balanced Actions tend to be darker players with a thicker core sound then the later models made in the late 50's and 60's. This particular tenor is certainly no exception. It is a rich free blowing player with a crystal clear voice and ample power. As you would expect the key work is very smooth under the fingers allowing for fluid motion from top to bottom. It should also be mentioned this saxophone stays very full across its entire range, even up into the extended upper register. 
This saxophone is in stellar physical condition for its vintage and was obviously well cared for by the previous owner. It was at some point re-lacquered in the factory and the work was done extremely well. 
The engraving on the horn is especially clean and impressive looking. Its centerpiece engraving featuring a sail boat and pine tree is exquisite. Its body tube, bow and bell are all in excellent physical condition. All of the original key work and key guards are intact and in great shape. All of the key feet to the guards are in nice condition as well.  This sax does include the original Balanced Action neck in very good condition. It looks like there was a very slight pull down in the past but it has been brought back to its true position. The bell to body brace has been professionally repaired in the past. 
This saxophone came to us playing on older leather pads and metal domed resonators. To keep the cost of the tenor down we are going to set it up on its current pads. We will go through the saxophone top to bottom and make sure everything is sealing up nicely as well as replacing some of the cork and felt work. Do not miss out on a classic Selmer Balanced Action tenor.