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Vintage Selmer Balanced Action Alto Sax - Great Deal! - Serial # 29373

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Product ID: 29373SelmerAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a vintage Selmer Balanced Action alto sax. It is an old relacquered job and the serial number stamped on the back is quite hard to read, looks most like 29373. The sax is ready for a new owner and new life, and is available for a low price.


Currently, this alto is sitting in old pads, and it will definitely need to be repadded before you can take it out on a gig. With our repair shop backed up for months, we have decided to offer this one as-is at a low price, with the option to have us restore it. If you want us to do the work, we'd take it apart, clean it up, and replace all of the pads, corks, and felts throughout, putting it in perfect playing condition.


This sax is complete with its original neck. The sax shows minor dings in the bottom bow area which we would remove during the overhaul, and a couple minor resolders on the tube and neck. The lacquer, though not original, has an old aged look to it and shows a fair amount of wear as seen in the photos. It definitely still looks like an old sax from the 40's! Whether you opt to have us restore it or take it as is to restore it yourself, this is a bargain priced Selmer BA. Ships in a hard case.