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Vintage Pearl Side Key King Super 20 Alto Sax, Serial #290417

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Product ID: 290417KingSup20Alt


HELP, I Want One!

Includes Saxquest Overhaul
This is a vintage King HN White Super 20 Alto Sax, serial number 290417. It is one of the earlier vintage examples of the Super 20 and does feature pearl side keys, sunburst engraving on the bell keys and a 3 ring neck strap mount on the body tube. These earlier Super 20 models are known to be quite powerful players with a fat sound and a lot of edge. Volume and edge are exceptional as well.
The body of this alto is in good shape and shows no signs of serious dent work. It was re-lacquered at some point in the past. The work was done well and the engraving across the bell area is still clear. This sax shows just one re-solder to the top foot of the low Eb key guard (see pic 26 ). The original double socket sterling silver neck with matching serial number is also with the sax and in very good condition. 
 The Super 20 came into our shop on some very old pads so we are currently in the process of completely overhauling it in the shop. It will soon be sporting all new leather Valentino pads, metal resonators, corks, felts and a precise key regulation. If you are looking to get into a Super 20 at a great price you will not want to miss out on this one.