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Vintage Otto Link Early Babbitt Hard Rubber Tone Edge 8 for Tenor Sax

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Product ID: OlinkEB8TenHRBN9198


HELP, I Want One!

Original 8 for Tenor

This is a Otto Link Early Babbitt hard rubber Tone Edge 8 for tenor sax. The mouthpiece is a great player and features the classic “clam” shell baffle roll below the tip. These baffle profiles are very efficient in the way they take the air allowing for a slightly brighter sound while maintaining a warm rounded resonance.


This piece shows a few light scratches around the outer body but nothing serious. The shank and beak are both in good shape. Its facing profile is in great shape regarding the table, side rails and tip. These pieces are getting a little harder to find these days so it is especially nice to see one in an 8.


The tip opening of this mouthpiece measures original between .109 and .110.