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Vintage Original Selmer Paris Mark VII Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 253433

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Product ID: 253433Mark7Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

In the Saxquest Shop for a Pro Set up & Cleaning

This is a good early vintage Selmer Mark VII tenor sax in original lacquer, serial number 253433. This tenor is a bit dirty at the moment, but is due to go through the Saxquest shop for a full cleaning and pro set up, and will ship all cleaned up and in perfect regulation.


The serial number dates this sax to 1976, just a year after the introduction of this model. Unlike later Mark VII's it still features American style engraving in the standard Selmer floral pattern. The original lacquer on this horn shows light wear on the usual touch points and in between some keys. Physically the horn is in excellent shape, with no dents or past repair work. I see just one resoldered joint on one foot of the low Eb keyguard. The original neck once had a very slight pull-down but it has been corrected.


This sax is playing great on existing pads, fitted with brown plastic resonators. The pads are in stellar shape and sealing well, so we are going to do our pro set up on these pads, while also replacing all of the existing cork and felt work with better synthetic material. We'll optimize the key heights and spring tensions and leave it feeling like a new horn again.


The Mark VII's get a bad rap because they followed the popular Mark VI, but this is still a fine playing tenor. It has a stronger focus that you will typically find on a VI, with a more centered sound. This particular horn doesn't seem to play too dark or too bright, and is very middle-of-the-road in its timbre. It has some good power when you need it. A great option if you are looking for a vintage Selmer Paris and don't want to pay Mark VI money.