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Vintage Original Martin Handcraft Committee SKYLINE Tenor Sax - Serial # 118023

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Product ID: 118023MartinTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Fresh Repad w/ Black Roo Pads

This is a great vintage Martin Handcraft Committee model tenor sax, serial number 118023. This tenor is often called the “skyline” because of the engraving pattern on the bell. This one is in tremendous original condition and comes in a fresh pad job.


This tenor is very pretty, especially when you consider it dates back nearly 80 years! The original lacquer is in great shape, while only specklish kind of wear, mostly on the back side of the body tube and the normal touch points. Over the years the sax picked up a couple extremely minor cosmetic pings in the bottom bow area, but it has seen no major dents and there are no resolders anywhere. The neck is original, it has never been pulled down, and it shows the matching serial number.


This tenor came to us with a recent overhaul, all the pads had been replaced using black kangaroo pads and metal waffle-style resonators. Though it had new pads, it didn't feel great and we knew this tenor had more potential, so we are in the process of disassembling it and giving it our full custom set up. We'll even the spring tensions throughout and optimize the key heights, and put it in perfect regulation.


Sonically, this is a fairly free blowing tenor, but keeps a strong core for you put against. It wouldn't call it an overly bright or dark tenor, more middle of the road, which gives you a lot of options with what you want to do with it. If you are a lover of vintage saxes, this is a hard one to pass up!