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Vintage Original Lacquer The Martin Committee III Tenor Sax, Serial #152405

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Product ID: 152405MartinTen


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The Martin Tenor Saxophone
This is a vintage original lacquer “The Martin” Committee III tenor sax, serial number 152405. The saxophone looks like it received some serious play time in its day and was then left in the case for a very long time. Its original lacquer has a super dark color on it which is complemented by its clear cut engraving along the bell area. The body is in good condition top to bottom. There has been some history of some smaller dings but nothing major. The body tube, bow and bow cap are all in great condition and have never suffered any major trauma. 
The Martin is a great choice if you are looking to get a pro quality American vintage horn at a lower price. They are very free blowing and can be played with a considerable amount of edge and cutting power. 
This saxophone came to us with original pads so it is currently awaiting a professional overhaul in our shop. The overhaul will include a complete dissemble and cleaning. All of the smallish dings will also be taken out as well. When the overhaul is complete the tenor will be in perfect playing condition with all new leather pads, resonators, corks and felts. We will also thoroughly regulate the keys and play test extensively to ensure it is playing to the top of its game.