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Vintage Original Lacquer King Super 20 - Pearl Side Key Tenor, Serial #300774

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Product ID: 300774KingSup20Ten


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Awesome Players King Super 20 Tenor
This is a vintage original lacquer King Super 20 tenor with pearl side keys, serial number 300774. If you are looking to get hooked up with a total monster you are going to want to take a close look at this Super 20.  It might not be the best looker but it has it where it counts. With a fat and powerful sonic personality this sax has no problem in the projection department.  Its medium warm sound is colorful and quite punchy.  The sound has a nice thick consistency that stays full and pronounced from low Bb all the way into the altissimo register.  This sax came to us with some older pads so we recently gave it a total re-pad.  It is now playing better then ever and features all new Valentino pads, new corks, felts and has some very smooth key action. The saxophone is now in perfect playing condition and is ready to take on the world! 
The Super 20 is sporting the original lacquer finish as well as sunburst engraving on the low Bb and B keys. It also show cases the iconic pearl keys on all side keys, alt F#, palm keys and the G#. The key rollers on the right and left hand table keys are also original.  The body of the tenor is in good shape showing honest play wear for a horn of its vintage. There has been some smallish dings removed around the lower bow area and bell flare and just one re-solder on the bottom foot of the low Eb key guard.  The bow cap is in stellar condition and has never been pressed in. There are a few small hard to see dings remaining around the bow which will be taken out and cleaned up as part of the Saxqeust overhaul process.  
This saxophone does also include the original King wood hard case, metal end plug and the original double socket sterling silver neck with under-slung octave key and matching serial number stamp.  The neck is in very good condition and has never been pulled down.  The octave key saddle has been re-soldered at some point in the past.  
The playability of a great King Super 20 should not be underestimated. If you are looking for a hands down knock out player full of warmth and authority you will quickly fall in love with this Super 20.