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Vintage Original Lacquer Buescher Big B Tenor Sax, Serial Number 306157

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Big B Tenor - Includes Saxquest Professional Re-pad
Talk about a real looker! This is a vintage Buescher Big B tenor saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 306157. We see plenty of old Buescher saxophones come through our shop and very few of them look this nice. The dark honey colored lacquer looks absolutely stunning. The Big B also has all of the original gold plated springs, Buescher snap resonators and the original amber rollers. 
This tenor shows some modest play wear for its age but is in solid physical condition top to bottom. Its bell flare is perfect and has never been pulled down or damaged. There are a few small dings around the bow which we are currently taking out in the shop, the bow cap is pristine. The body of the sax has never had any serious dent work and has received zero re-solders in the past. The original neck is with the horn and is in fantastic shape with no history of pull down. 
The Big B is a very versatile and powerful free blowing player. Sonically these horns tend to have a bigger core sound and are much punchier then the earlier True Tone and Aristocrat models. This one plays exceptionally smooth and has rich sound with beautiful presence. The palm keys are full and clear in and the low end is ultra fat. This particular tenor came to us on mostly original pads so we are currently in the process of putting a fresh pad job on it. The Saxquest professional re-pad will include a brand new set of Valentino leather pads, new corks, felts and a precise regulation and key fitting. Its overhaul also will feature the original Buescher snap resonators. 
Don't miss out on a top notch Buescher Big B tenor!