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Vintage Meyer New York USA 5M Tenor Opened to .093 by Erik Greiffenhagen

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Product ID: MeyerNYUSATenEG093TC


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Classic Hard Bop Sound
This is a very nice vintage Meyer New York USA 5M for tenor saxophone. It was more recently opened to about a 6* by Erik Greiffenhagen. The body is in pristine condition from top to bottom. Its facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is very clean thanks to Eriks work. 
This piece features a medium opened chamber, rounded side walls and a very subtle baffle shaping below the tip rail. These pieces are very responsive and have a warm core sound while staying nice and clear in their projection. This one in particular features a nice balanced control from top to bottom as well. The vintage New York Meyer tenor mouthpiece does not suffer from the stuffy response problems which are inherit in the current production Meyer mouthpieces. Do not miss out on a great classic hard bop mouthpiece.