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Vintage MC Gregory Model – A 4A 16, Serial #1974

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Product ID: 1974ModelAGregAltDH


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Vintage Hard Rubber Model – A for Alto Sax
This is a vintage Model – A Gregory 4A 16 for alto saxophone, serial number 1974. The piece is in great condition along the body, beak and shank. Its gold shank ring is also intact and in good shape.  The profile of the table, side rails and tip is very clean.  It looks like someone did some work to the piece in the past. The tip opening measures .70”.
The inner workings of the 4A 16 features a smaller chamber with deeply rounded inner side walls and no baffle. These pieces have a dark center to their sound but also have a special sweet quality to the way they play.  The sweet warm timbre of these pieces made them very popular among the “Cool” and “West Coast” players.