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Vintage MC Gregory Model A 4A 16 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto, Serial #1513

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Product ID: 1573MCGreg4A16Alt


HELP, I Want One!

Nice Gregory Model - A
This is a vintage MC Gregory Model A, 4A 16 hard rubber mouthpiece for alto sax, serial number 1513. The body of the mouthpiece is in super clean original condition and has never been worked on. Its table and side rails are very clean. The tip is also in good shape, there is some very hard to see wear beyond the outer tip rail but nothing to serious. 
These pieces have a definite dark center to them. Their smaller tip opening and larger chamber allow for a lot of control over a dark sound. If you are looking for a brighter playing piece this is not something you want. But if you love the warm “cool” sound of the 1950's and 1960's these pieces are great. 
The tip opening on this piece is .065”