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Vintage Grenadilla Buffet-Crampon Paris Pre-R13 Bb Clarinet - Serial # 36097

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Product ID: 36097BuffetClar


HELP, I Want One!

LOW Price on a Quality Buffet Clarinet

This is a late 40's vintage Buffet-Crampon Paris Bb clarinet, serial number 36097. This instrument pre-dates the R13, but is a professional model wood clarinet and it is a fine instrument, perfect for the clarinetist on a budget.


Despite its age, this instrument remains in outstanding condition. The two body joints show no previous cracks or pins, the dense grenadilla wood has held up wonderfully with time. The barrel measures 66mm and it too has never been cracked. The original bell does have two cracks on either side, which have been professionally repaired.


We are offering this instrument “as is” on older pads, to keep the price down. It is playing some as it sits but will ultimately need at least a good regulation, most likely a repad, before you can take it out on a gig. It does ship in a good hard case.