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Vintage Gold Plated Buescher True Tone Soprano Sax - Serial # 193069

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Product ID: 193069BuescherSop


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Gorgeous Original Gold Plate

This is a beautifully gold plated Buescher True Tone soprano sax, serial number 193069. This sax looks incredible, and is a great find for players and collectors alike. It is in tremendous shape and is a fine player too.


As you can see in the photos, this soprano looks gorgeous. The matte gold plated finish shows almost no wear, only light finish wear on a couple touch points. A neck strap ring has been added to the back of the sax, but that is the only modification, and the rest of the sax is original. This sax is currently playing very well on older pads. They are sealing fine at the moment, though because of their age, you should consider a repad in the next few years, depending on how much time you spend on the horn.


I'm always amazed at the sweetness of tone from the vintage Buescher sopranos. This is a very lyrical, warm sounding instrument, with a rich colorful quality. The gold plating seems to add warmth and presence over the more traditional silver plated models, and this soprano really takes your air quickly with a fast response. A really fun sax to play! Ships in its original hard case.