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Vintage Geoff Lawton 8B Metal Mouthpiece for Bari Sax With Cap and Lig

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Product ID: Lawton8BBari716DT


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Lawton 8 Star B
This is a Vintage Lawton 8B metal mouthpiece for baritone sax, includes cap and ligature. The body of the mouthpiece is in very nice condition showing some typical cosmetic character. Its profile is also in great shape regarding the rails and tip. The table is in very good condition showing just a little bit of play wear from reed and ligature placement. 
The piece features a smooth medium chamber with a bullet  shape at the throat, a medium high floor and a subtle baffle profile below the tip rail. If you are looking for a great flexible piece that can really cut through a loud band you are going to want to check this Lawton out. Projection and volume control is absolutely fantastic on the piece. This is easily achieved while still maintaining a rich and medium warm core sound. 
These mouthpieces are perfect for playing in soul and funk bands.