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Vintage Couf Superba II Tenor Sax in Original Gold Lacquer, Serial #83272

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Product ID: 83272CoufSupIITen


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Made in Germany – Couf Superba II
This is an awesome playing Couf Superba II tenor sax, serial number 83272. It was manufactured by Couf during their West Germany period. This particular Superba II has seen its fair share of performances in its day but is in super solid condition and can be had at a great price. These are great tenors for the working musician. Their core sound is very reminiscent to American vintage tenors, specifically Conn. The sound on this sax is full and balanced from low Bb to the altissimo register. These are ergonomically very comfortable instruments to play as well. This saxophone is keyed to high F#. 
Not the prettiest saxophone we have in the shop right now but the body is in good shape and it is a great player. There is some history of some dent work and a few re-solders to the key guards. But the sax has never received any major trauma. This saxophone does include the original neck in good condition with matching serial number stamp. 
The Couf is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional set-up. Our set – up will include a cleaning and full regulation of the instrument. It will soon be in perfect playing condition. The tenor features a good set of leather pads and brown plastic resonators.  These tenors are perfect for the pro player on a budget. Do not miss out on a solid tenor at a fantastic price.