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Vintage Conn 'Transitional' 6M Alto Sax - Serial # 254141

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Product ID: 254141Conn6M


HELP, I Want One!

Transitional 6M

This Conn transitional model is a beautiful horn with unique and interesting key work. Keeping some New Wonder characteristics, the design and look of the horn is stimulating and appealing. The bell keys are no longer split, the altissimo keys are lengthened, and the thumb rest is adjustable.


Note that his horn is being sold “as-is”. Even though it isn't going through our repair shop, it is still playing great. There are some clicks in the keywork but pads are sealing well and the sax is a ripper in its current state!


The tone of this horn is warm with a saucy taste of robust projection. The way the quality transfers from horn the the player is eccentric and dominating with utmost ease. This horn is a great option for any vintage player who loves the flexibility and preciseness of 6M saxophones.