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Vintage Buescher Super 400 Alto Sax, Monster Player – Serial #496402

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Product ID: 496402Buescher400AltBR


HELP, I Want One!

Ben Reece - Full Overhaul
This is a vintage Buescher Super 400 alto sax, serial number 496402. It was overhauled in 2015 by Ben Reece in the Saxquest shop and is playing like a real dream. Ben has been playing the horn professionally and keeping it well maintained and serviced.  This is the ideal horn for a gigging pro who needs something powerful and reliable while still keeping the price on the low side. Ben set the horn up with all new premium leather pads using the original Buescher snap resonators.  It also features all new corks, felts and a top notch key regulation.  The body of the sax is in very good physical condition as is the original neck. It shows the history of many past performances but was very well cared for by the previous owner.  No signs of serious dent work or major past trauma. This saxophone does also showcase all of the original amber rollers on the table keys.
These Bueschers are powerful free blowing players. Fantastic for the players who are always looking for horn they can really push and not be let down. The punchy and flexible core sound of the 400 makes it ideal for use in jazz as well as more contemporary/progressive musical settings. If you are looking for a great gigging alto and are on a budget you will not want to miss out on this 400.