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Vintage Berg Larsen Slant Signature 100/1 Hard Rubber for Baritone Sax

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Product ID: BergHRBariSlant100o1719DT


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Vintage Slant Berg Larsen - Duck Bill
This is a nice vintage Berg Larsen hard rubber mouthpiece for bari sax, facing 100/1. The mouthpiece is in great original condition. Its stamping is a little hard to see these days but the body is in great physical shape as is the beak. The profile of the mouthpiece is in nice original condition. You can even still see the factory denim pattern on the table. This mouthpiece does feature the trade mark “Bullet” Berg Larsen is famous for. The tip opening on the piece is origianl but measures slightly under 100 at .098". 
The Berg plays with a lush free blowing resonance and has quite a bit of punch. These old Slant pieces are fantastic players and can be hard to come by. don't miss out on this 100/1.