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Very NICE Selmer Reference 36 Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 616922

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Product ID: 616922Refe36Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Exquisite Player, Beautiful Condition

Here's a beautiful example of a very lightly used Selmer Paris Reference 36 tenor sax, serial number 616922. This tenor has been professionally played and well cared for over its short life, and remains in exquisite condition, ready for its new owner to take over.


It's hard to find any fault in this tenor. The original lacquer shows excellent coverage with only minor finish wear on the usual touch points, and minor surface scratching on the backside of the tube and bell. There may have been some minor past dent work in the bottom bow area, but really hard to tell for sure, as it has the perfect curve and there is no lacquer wear to speak of. There are no resolders that I see anywhere, and the original neck has never been pulled down.


The Reference 36 is probably my favorite horn that Selmer is making today. This one plays with a big powerful sound, while staying warm even at full volume. You can push it hard without losing focus or timbre. The sax is sealing well on good pads, fitted with brown plastic resonators, and the horn will get our full pro set up before it ships as well, so you have peace of mind that it will stay solid for the long haul. A tremendous tenor for jazz especially.