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Very Cool! Original Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax w/ LOW A!! - Serial # 158195

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Product ID: 158195MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Freshly Setup in the Saxquest Shop, Very Rare Sax!

This is an ultra-cool, ultra-rare original Selmer Paris Mark VI alto with keywork to low A, serial number 158195. This is the real deal, a low A alto, with keywork similar to a low A bari sax. This alto has just been through the Saxquest shop and ships in perfect playing condition.


We'll start with the way it plays. It has a warm focused core sound, with an easy response and just the right amount of positive resistance to give you something to push against. Playing down to low A on an alto sax is a real trip too. Projection is solid, I wouldn't call it a ripper, but it does cut well and doesn't lose any warmth or color as you go up into the upper range of the horn.


Physically the horn is solid. While the horn shows a fair amount of lacquer wear, it is original and has never been redone. When we got the sax, there were 2 dents we had to remove in the body tube, one down just below the thumb rest, and one at the top, near the palm key tone holes. Saxquest's Chris Funck did the work, removing those seamlessly, showing just minor lacquer loss from the work. The tone holes are in great shape and the work is as clean as you will find. There are no other past repairs to the body of the horn, the bottom bow is perfect as is the bell flare. The original neck has never been pulled down, though the octave key saddle has been resoldered at some point.


We went through this alto top to bottom, replacing any aging pads and all of the key adjustment corks. It has been set up just as a VI from this vintage should, with a medium spring tension and medium-open key heights. The keywork feels crisp and tight under your hands. This is a worldclass alto for players and collectors alike. It ships in its original case.