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Ted Klum Custom Lost Wax Resin Alto Sax Mouthpiece - TK .080

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Product ID: LostWaxTK80Alto511


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very rare, hard to find Lost Wax mouthpiece for the alto sax. These pieces were made for a limited time and have become very highly sought after. It is a resin mouthpiece designed after the old New York Meyer mouthpieces. Each piece was hand finished by Ted Klum, who faced this one to a 7, measuring .080”. It shows only minor ligature scratches around its body, and no major wear of note. The previous owner kept a patch around the top of the body to prevent ligature scratching, we cleaned it as best we could without buffing it, but there is still some remaining light residue. This is an incredible playing piece, very much a lead alto piece, with great projection and versatility.