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Sweet! Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Mark VI low A Alto Sax # 192835

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Product ID: 192835m6selmer


HELP, I Want One!

Low A Mark VI - High F#
This is a vintage Selmer Paris original lacquer Low A alto sax, serial number 192835. These Low A altos are unique instrument which offer the benefits of a Mark VI with the additional low A. The low A slightly mellows the overall sound of the alto but in no way detracts from projection and presence. It should be noted these instruments are very popular in the modern/progressive Musial genres. Specificity in situations where a concert C pitch can be utilized as a drone. 
It is not the prettiest Mark VI we have seen but it is in solid physical condition. The alto has been played heavily in the past but does not have a history of any serious repair and no re-solders. This sax also includes the original neck in good condition, it has never been pulled down. 
The Mark VI came to us on a very old set of pads. It is currently awaiting a full professional overhaul in the Saxquest shop. The Saxquest overhaul will include all new Valentino leather pads, brown plastic resonators, new corks, new felts and a precise key regulation. It will soon be in perfect playing condition. 
If you are looking for a Mark VI and want something a little more unique you will not want to miss out on this Low A alto.