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Recent Series Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Bb Clarinet - Serial # 522375

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Product ID: 522375BuffetR13Clarinet


HELP, I Want One!

Coming with Fresh Clarinetquest Repad & Adjustment
This is a fantastic recent Buffet-Crampon R13 series Bb clarinet, serial number 522375. This is a great find for players looking for their first R13 or anyone wanting a “new to you” professional clarinet. It shows no previous repairs and has just been professionally re-padded in our shop. 
This instrument has obviously been well cared for previously. It shows no past cracks or cracks repairs. It is a nickel keyed R13, and there is just minor finish wear on a couple of the usual touch points. We received this instrument in all original pads and have just completed a re-pad on it. The overhaul included a disassemble, cleaning and oiling of the body. All of the pads have been replaced and it is now sporting a set of new Valentino pads in the lower joint with fitted cork pads in the upper joint. It is now playing perfectly. 
The R13 is an outstanding playing instrument with a precise and focused core. The sound is very nicely balanced from top to bottom allowing for superb control and an outstanding scale. We rarely can find these newer R13 model clarinets up for sale, so don't miss out on this nice one! Ships in its original case.