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Rare and Very Vintage! Pre 1900 Kolhert Sohne Graslitz Curved Soprano

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Product ID: AustCurSop


HELP, I Want One!

This a vintage Kolhert curved soprano made by Kohlert Sohne Graslitz I.B. It has no serial number on it but has L.P. Austria engraved on the back of the body tube. The sax is very old and was most likely manufactured pre 1900. The pictures tell the story of the sax the best. It is in very decent physical condition for a horn of its vintage but does have some physical imperfection and history of mild repair. Someone did do some pad work to it at some point in the recent past. The sax does play a little bit but is not in any condition to be played seriously. But its a fun play if you are just looking to play something around the house or are looking for a cool collectors piece. This saxophone certainly is unique and a very cool item. 
Sax ships in a non original vintage curved soprano case.