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RARE! A Lelandais SUPER TRUMPET Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Bari Sax Greg Weir Custom

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Product ID: StrmptGW105BariIVSM


HELP, I Want One!

Greg Weir Custom
This is a super rare Lelandais Super Trumet model hard rubber mouthpiece for baritone sax. Possibly the first Super Trumpet baritone mouthpiece we have seen, ever. Not a lot is known about this particular mouthpiece but it does have the facing signature of Greg Wier as well. It was marked .105 but now measures .110”.  It is possible it has had additional work since then. The table, side rails and tip all look to be in very good condition. Its outer body is also in great shape. Beak is very clean and the  shank is in perfect condition as well. 
The inside of the mouthpiece features rounded inner side walls, medium chamber and a steady floor slope baffle leading to the tip rail. 
Definitely not an item you see often and a good playing mouthpiece as well. Do not miss out on this hidden gem.