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Rare 1960's Vintage Armstrong Eb Soprano Treble Flute, 2 Piece, Serial Number 62319

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Product ID: 62319ArmstTrebFlt


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Treble Flute
This is a rare Armstrong 2 piece Eb “Treble Flute” from the 1960's, serial number 62319. These Eb soprano flutes are not all that common so it is a nice treat to have one in the shop. We are getting ready to do a full professional overhaul on this flute. It will soon features all new pads and a precise key regulation. It ships out in perfect playing condition with the original Armstrong flute case. 
The body of this flute shows shows no history of any major past repair. It features closed hole key work and is keyed down to the low C. The head joint is also in good condition showing some speckled play wear to the finish.
This flute will soon be in top notch playing condition with a fresh Saxquest overhaul. Please stay tuned for fresh pictures and a video once the overhaul is complete.