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Pristine Original Lacquer Buescher Aristocrat Big B Tenor Sax - Serial # 305702

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Our Price: $ 1,595.00
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HELP, I Want One!

Great Repairman's Special

Here is a very nice vintage Buescher Aristocrat model tenor sax, serial number 305702. Often called the “Big B” model because of the engraving on the bell, these are always great playing tenors. This one is budget priced if you want a steal, but it will need an overhaul before it is ready to play.


This tenor is in solid physical condition and just needs a little love. The original lacquer is in the 90% range. There are a smattering of dings in the bottom bow and bell area which should be easy to get out. The bottom foot of the low Eb keyguard is pushed into the body, so depending on how good your dent man is, that may pop off during the dent removal and need to be resoldered. Right now, there are no resolders on the instrument anywhere. The original neck has a slight pull-down and a couple tiny pings to be removed.


This sax is all original. The original pads still have the snap-in metal domed resonators, and the sax has all the original gold plated Norton springs and amber rollers. Because the pads are so old, the sax will definitely need a repad before you can take it out on a gig. With our repair shop backed up for months, we have decided to offer this one as-is at a low price. If you have a favorite tech who will repad it and take the dings out, you'll have a world-class pro vintage tenor. A tremendous instrument for a great price!