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Pristine Eastman 640 Series Alto In Gold Lacquer, Serial # 1207015 - Includes Pro Set-Up!

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Product ID: 1207015Eastman640Alt


HELP, I Want One!

Includes Saxquest Set-Up!
This is a nice Eastman 640 alto in gold lacquer, serial number 1207015. The alto has been previously owned but was very well cared for. It is in outstanding original condition and has absolutely no history of repair. We are currently in the process of putting a fresh professional set-up on it. The alto will ship out in perfect playing condition with the original case. 
The 600 Series by Eastman Music Company is designed to provide the professional saxophone player with a high performance instrument, which is versatile and easy to play. Every Eastman saxophone has a sturdy body construction with a hand hammered bell, blue steel springs, hand engraved neck and bell, leather pads and metal resonators. This is the ETS640 featuring gold lacquer.  
The double bracing arms on low C, B and Bb keys allow for an improved low end action and response. It features adjustable palm keys to fit the hands of any player. The key work on these horns includes a high F# and a tear drop styled front F key. The front F key is exceptional in its angle and placement which makes for a outstanding play response.
Don't miss out on this lightly played Eastman 640 in gold lacquer.