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Pristine '5 Digit' Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone - Serial # 80315

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Product ID: 80315SelmerMarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Amazing Mark VI!

This is a worthy Mark VI alto with a serial number 80315, dating back to 1958. This horn shows some wear throughout the keys and body, but the sound is more than enough to make it a solid pick.


The lacquer is clean and original, showing normal types of wear mostly around the bell. The engraving is solid throughout, the pads are all working, and the action on the horn is crisp and precise. Pads have been replaced as needed over the years, so there is a mixed bag there currently, but they are all sealing perfectly and we will replace any that are starting to age during our custom set up. It plays like most other VI's, with its own set of unique characteristics. It had nice projection with a warm yet round sound. There was some previous dent work on the bottom bow. The neck is original with a matching serial number stamped on. Compared to other VI's, this one is a serious contender.


If you are looking for a serious vintage horn with attitude and elegance, this horn is a wonderful consideration for any type of genre of music.